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Infographics on best practices during floods released in Chandigarh

Hindustan Times

The director of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Chandigarh, along with the head of the department of community medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, on Friday released infographics to inform the general public about the best practices during and after floods.

The infographics have been released in English, Hindi and Punjabi for wider reach. (HT Photo)
Manmohan Singh, director, IMD, Chandigarh, stressed that there were visible changes in the weather pattern. He highlighted that extreme weather conditions were becoming more common due to climate change.

Recently, northern India recorded high frequency and intensity rainfall in a short time, leading to flood situations. He said awareness about flood risk management will increase the community’s resilience for their own safety.

The flood infographics have been designed and developed by Ravindra Khaiwal, professor of environment health, department of community medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, and Suman Mor, associate professor, department of environmental studies, Panjab University, along with the Indian Meteorological Society.

The first poster on “Floodwater Precautions” illustrates essential measures during floods. It covers guidelines on safe drinking water practices, personal hygiene and public health risk involved during floods.

The second poster, “Returning Home after Floods”, provides safety advice for reoccupying homes and communities after floodwaters have receded. It highlights steps for inspecting and cleaning buildings, assessing potential hazards and ensuring a safe living environment.

Both posters were released in three languages – English, Hindi and Punjabi – to maximise their reach and benefit diverse communities across the nation. These can be downloaded from

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