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NGT Chairman releases 'Green Verdict-2021' at Panjab University, Chandigarh

The Tribune

A pictorial booklet, “Green Verdict-2021”, was released by Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, Chairperson, National Green Tribunal (NGT), in the presence of Anirudh Tewari, Chief Secretary, Punjab, at Panjab University today.

The booklet has been conceptualised and designed by Dr Ravindra Khaiwal, Professor, Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health; and Dr Suman Mor, Chairperson, Department of Environment Studies, Panjab University, to create awareness about the major judgment in simple languages to strengthen action for a sustainable future for all.

Goel mentioned that a clean environment was a foremost requirement to sustain a healthy planet and human lives and was a fundamental right of citizens. It is the need of the hour to monitor compliances appropriately to meet the environmental challenges in the fast-developing world, act on time to minimise the death and disease and to conserve natural resources and biodiversity. “Green Verdict 2021” would be helpful in creating awareness and strengthening action for a sustainable future for all, including the future generation.

Dr Khaiwal highlighted that this booklet was aimed at strengthening the public’s legal rights and ensuring environmental sustainability. He emphasised that due to people’s increasing needs, they had polluted air, water and soil. Hence, there was a need to learn to live with nature by playing their role to protect this planet and their health.

Dr Suman Mor mentioned that this booklet would be a valuable tool for effectively implementing rules and regulations by active engagement of regulatory bodies and policymakers. She stressed there was a need to focus more on green recovery to minimise the emerging threat related to environmental degradation and climate change.

The booklet highlights judgments of the National Green Tribunal in 2021.

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